Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Secrets

Clockwise, from top:
plain milk chocolate, dark chocolate peanut butter, plain dark chocolate,
and dark chocolate raspberry
I love it when local food-related companies find me. The most recent one was Little Secrets, a candy company. They make candy-coated little chocolates that should look somewhat familiar to you.

But unlike products from ginormous companies, this candy company is focusing on things like using Fair Trade, non-GMO and natural products.

One item that a lot of people object to in food products is the use of food colorings. The candies are colored, but they use natural ingredients. Here's a quote from their website:

We use turmeric to make yellow, beet juice for red, spirulina for blue, pumpkin, carrot, and radish for orange, and red cabbage juice for purple. We realize that sounds like an intense drink at a juice bar, but we promise our candy doesn’t taste like a farmer’s market.

Yup, I've tasted all four flavors (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry, and dark chocolate peanut butter) and I didn't taste a farmer's market. Not vegetal at all. But it is nice chocolate.

I have to say that the peanut butter is my favorite, maybe because I like nuts with chocolate. But I wouldn't turn down any of them.

Another clue that these are produced by a small company is that they're not all the same size. The filled candies - peanut butter and raspberry - are significantly larger than the plain milk chocolate and dark chocolate. If you dump them in a bowl together, it makes it easier to see which are stuffed, and which are plain chocolate.

They're also not perfectly shaped, which I find appealing. I'm also totally amused by the mythical beings depicted on the bags. I love when a company has a sense of humor.

The candies come in larger bags, like the ones above, for sharing, and also smaller bags for not-sharing. Although the big ones are fine for hoarding, too.

Who's it for: Candy lovers who want to avoid dyes and ... stuff.

Pros: Yum. They're really good.

Cons: Yum. These could be dangerous to have around.

Wishes: An endless supply would be nice.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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