Friday, January 30, 2015

Looly's Couscous #Giveaway

Have you missed me?

Yes, I've been MIA, but I decided to pop back in with a fun giveaway - Looly's Couscous. I received some samples, but so far I've only cooked the Thyme/Turmeric version. And, hey, it's couscous that tastes herby.

The colors are fun - dark and light - so it makes an interesting side. And this couscous couldn't be any easier to cook. Just add an equal amount of boiling water, stir, cover, and wait five minutes. Fluff with a fork, and you're ready to go. A perfect side dish when you have no time to even peel a potato.

But of course, you can add stuff to the couscous to make it even more interesting. Add some chopped onions, fresh herbs, goat cheese, chicken broth, tomatoes ... pretty much the sky's the limit.

But wait, do you even know what couscous is? A lot of people think it's a grain, but it's actually a teeny-tiny pasta shape.

The first time I tried it was when I was in my 20's in Morocco.

Well, not really Morocco. It was actually at Epcot. In a restaurant in the Morocco area. I had no idea what couscous was, but after we got home, I figured it out.

This is a bowl of cooked couscous.
You get the uncooked couscous, not the bowl.
So anyway, Looly's makes regular couscous and a gluten-free version, and I'll be giving away the same salad couscous I got, flavored with thyme and turmeric, as well as their breakfast couscous, flavored with cinnamon. I've never thought of couscous as a breakfast item, but it makes as much sense as flakes of corn or hot oatmeal.

Looly's wants you to know that they're "an innovative impact-driven healthy food start-up reinventing ancestral food and turning it into a trendy and Zero-Compromise™ Food Category. LOOLY'S products are Healthy (Unprocessed, High Protein, All-Natural, Gluten-Free), Tasty (based on traditional genuine recipes with a modern twist), Diet (Low Calorie), Convenient (ready in a few minutes, and, 'Boy! We have patented it!') while having a tremendous measurable and transparent Social Impact on the LOOLY’S artisans who handcraft it."

No, really, that's what they say about themselves. Me, I'm just here for the flavor.

One winner will receive one bag each of the two flavors. It's not as good as a trip to Morocco, I'll admit it. But you don't need a passport.

Note: Looly's provided product for me and will ship product to the winner at no cost to me.

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