Thursday, October 2, 2014

Food Blogger Giveaways 100214

Bacon Spread and a Tee Shirt, HERE.
Here's this week's roundups of giveaways. Assume the date could be off ... For some, I counted on my fingers, so I might have made a mistake or two.

I'll be publishing a new list every Thursday, so come back and see what's new next week!

And ... since I always find a few new giveaways after I publish, this list could be updated again over the next few days.

And ... I've got a new giveaway starting here every Friday, so come back!!!

Ends October 8
Snikiddy Snacks from Gator Mommy Reviews

Ends October 10
Apple Pie Making Tools from Cookisty

Ends October 14
Kaloric Food Steamer from Ditta's Gifts and Savings

Ends October 14
Lodge cast iron frying pan and cookbook from Cookistry

Ends October 18
Emile Noel nut or seed oil from Cookistry

Ends October 23
16-piece dinnerware set from Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

Ends October 26
Custom kitchen gift basket from Alida's Kitchen
A kitchen gadget gift basket from Tyson Fresh Chicken from From Valerie's Kitchen

Ends October 28
Back Around the Family Table cookbook from Cookistry

Ends October 31
$300 Whole Foods gift card From Oh My Veggies

Ends November 14
$150 gift card from The Little Kitchen

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BLOGGERS: If you have a giveaway coming up, email me (look at the contact info for my mail address) or message me on Facebook, or send a smoke signal and I'll add you to next week's list. There's no charge, no obligation! Or, ask to join the Facebook group for food blogger giveaways!

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  1. Thank you for doing this Donna - my FB followers LOVE it and so do I! Please keep doing it!


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