Monday, July 4, 2016

Debbie Meyer Green Boxes - and MORE

Green Boxes on display at IHHS 2016
Years ago, I tried Debbie Meyer Green Bags and they worked really well to keep my produce from going bad as quickly.

The problem I had with them (and this is just me, okay?) is that I'm not a huge fan of washing and re-using plastic bags.

I like my dishwasher. I have some things I wash by hand, either because they deserve it, or because they don't fit in the dishwasher. Washing plastic bags and finding a place for them to dry is pretty low on my priority list.

So when I found out there were green BOXES (I saw them at the Housewares show in Chicago earlier this year), I was pretty excited. They're just like regular storage containers, except that they're designed to keep your produce fresher.

So you can store your strawberries and cherries in them, or the lettuce you prepped for tomorrow's salad, or the cut zucchini and cucumber that you didn't use for the recipe.

And if you happen to use them for leftover spaghetti, there's no harm done. They're just as dishwasher safe as the non-green containers, and they nest and store neatly. What's not to love?

But that's not all. When I wasn't paying attention to the Debbie Meyer brand, she came up with a whole bunch of products.

Besides the Green Boxes (and the Green Bags that are still available) there are oven bags for roasting, microwave bags for steaming, slow cooker liners for ... uh, lining your slow cooker, and grilling bags for grilling.

AND she has two cake cutting tools. One cuts wedges in round-shaped cakes and for pies, and the other cuts squares from square and rectangular cakes.

That's a whole lot of stuff! Which is your favorite Debbie Meyer product?

Who's it for: So many products, so many uses!

Pros: Love that the boxes are easier to clean than the bags. The variety of products is great.

Cons: So much to choose from? Okay, some of these might be a tad pricy for single-use, but it depends on your budget.

Wishes: Maybe a sample pack of the grilling, oven, microwave, and slow cooker bags, so you could try them all.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Degustabox JULY

Have you heard of Degustabox?

I didn't, until they contacted me.

But I'm going to get to know them pretty well, I think. They're sending me boxes so I can sample, write, use, cook, eat, share.

The first one was pretty impressive. Most of the products were full-size and the rest were nice single servings and not just tiny samples.

There were some major brands and some less-well-known. Some things to cook with, and some to snack on.

If you can't read 'em all, there was Jif cinnamon peanut butter, Soy Vay teriyaki, Brianna's vinaigrette, Elmhurst Harvest chocolate almond milk, Topo Chico mineral water and sparkling water, Wise popcorn (sea salt and Cinnabon flavored), Honees menthol and honey lozenges, Vita coconut oil, Haribo sour gummy bears, and Orchard Valley nutty snacks.

The company estimates the value of the box at about $30, which seems about right, if you could actually find all of these where you shop. They sell for $19.99, which is a good deal, right? But wait! It gets better.

I've got a coupon for ya. Order a box with the code R7TXK and you'll get 50 percent off, so you'd pay $9.99 for the first box.

I'll have to admit that I haven't tasted everything yet, but I'm working on it. I've used other Soy Vay products in the past and I've liked them a lot, and the Orchard Valley snacks disappeared really quickly; the cashews were my favorite. The Topo Chico mineral water was tasty, and I'm saving the sparkling water for a cocktail later. Jif cinnamon peanut butter was different, for sure. Meanwhile, almond milk is in the fridge, chilling, and the rest of the items are waiting for me to rip them open.

If you like sampling different products, I'm sure you'd have a blast with this. I'm not sure how long I'll be reviewing these, but if the quality stays this high, I should stick with it for a while. I love trying new products in recipes, and this is a risk-free way to do it. And if I get something I don't care for, food is always sooooo easy to give away.

DON'T FORGET THE COUPON! Use R7TXK to get half off your first box!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


The folks at Dreamfarm have a quirky way of naming their products. Supoons are yet another in the quirky name category. They're spoons. Or spoon-like spatulas.

The Supoon is a "sit-up scraping spoon" and comes in two sizes and a pretty big array of colors. Yay, colors! The end is flat and square so you can scrape or squeegee food in a pan. The sides are fairly soft so you can squeeze, mush, and fit the spoon to the surface you're working with. And there are measuring marks, so you can use them for measuring ingredients.

The measuring is a really nice touch. I wouldn't rely on it if I needed a precise amount, since you can't level inside a spoon. But it's great if you need a rough teaspoon of oregano or something like that.

The Supoons also have a bent handle so when you sit the Supoon on a counter, the head of the spoon stays off the counter. Sure, it can still drip a little bit, but at least you're not setting the spoon on the counter and then sticking it back into the pot, right?

I really kind of loved the little Suppon. I'm finding more and more uses for small flexible spoons when I cook.

Who's it for: Pretty much anyone who cooks. They'd be nice gifts, too.

Pros: Hey, they're spoons. They do spoon-like things very well.

Cons: More expensive than cheap spoons.

Wishes: More colors! Hah. Colors are so cool.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.