Friday, August 18, 2017

Degustabox - August

Another month, another box from Degustabox. In case you're not familiar, they're a subscription service that sends a box of food various items once a month. I get the monthly box for free, so I can describe them to you.

One interesting thing in the box is that they list the retail value of all the items, so you can see that you're actually getting your money's worth.

A few times, I've wanted to buy more of a particular product, but it's not readily available in my area ... so I've checked Amazon for prices.

Those prices are always higher than the retail prices listed by Degustabox. Which makes sense, considering it's costly to ship things. I've actually been willing to pay extra for some items I've loved, and in other cases, I've stalked the local stores looking for the products.

So anyway, here's August.

Nature's Bakery whole wheat fig bars - while these sound like they could be lovely, Fig Newtons ruined my desire for figgy cookies. I passed these along to someone else who appreciated them more than me. Which, by the way, is a great thing about these shipments. There's always something gift-worthy.

Dole Fruit in Gels - Hmmm. Fruit in gelatin. Honestly, I've never been fond of gelatin, even as a kid. So here's another one I passed along. I think these are a great idea, by the way, for those who like gelatin and fruit. Just not for me.

Pasta Snacks - Rosemary Pasta Chips and Meatball Parm Pasta Bow Ties - These were fantastic. Straddling a line between savory cracker and snack chip, they were good on their own next to a sandwich, great with a dip, and a fine snack when I was feeling a little peckish. I really loved the shape of the bow ties.

Goya tostones chips - Seems like everything is turning into a chip these days, some more successfully than others. Unlike some odd chips that are made from questionable vegetables, tostones are the perfect thing to chipify. These would be great with a sandwich (I'd suggest a Cuban sandwich) or on their own as a snack.

Welch's fruit rolls - these are targeted at a much younger audience than those living in my house, so I passed them along. For a moment, I considered using them in a recipe - imagine them cut up and added to cookies or muffins - but then I decided that I'd leave that to someone else. These are super-popular, so there must be a reason.

Goya Maria Cookies - Maria cookies are super-popular at the Hispanic store where I sometimes shop, but they're not quite as well known at the chain stores. This version of the Maria cookies was filled with a chocolate cream. Nice!

Sunspire milk chocolate SunDrops - If you like those coated chocolate candies that have a pair of M's in their name, you'll like these. They have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives ... and they're CHOCOLATE. You'd better believe I kept these all for myself!

Sharwood's Karma Cooking Sauce - Oh dear ... here's another sauce that's based on coconut. I had to pass this one along, since coconut and I are not friends. I've tried other Sharwood's products, and they were good, but this one just wasn't for me.

Perky Jerky - Here's a high protein, gluten-free snack that's great for anyone. Well, okay, anyone who isn't vegan or vegetarian, I guess. But great for folks who are on the Paleo diet or who are avoiding grains. If you like jerky, this is one you might want to take a closer look at.

Hummustir - this was an interesting concept. It came in a coated cardboard container, and for some reason I thought it was going to be a dehydrated product. Instead, there were two pouches - one with the chickpea component and one with the tahini component. You simply open both and stir to combine. The container gives you something to mix them in, if you're on the go. At home, it made more sense to mix them in a little glass bowl. It's nice to have another shelf-stable, non-refrigerated option for hummus lovers. Of course, if you have leftovers, you'd need to refrigerate that.

Nuttzo chocolate spread (gift item) - Degustabox tossed this in as a little gift, since it's not a retail portion. It's a chocolate nut spread with no extra sugars. I mean ... it's chocolate. How can that be bad?

Monday, August 14, 2017

WÜSTHOF Burger Knives

When I got a set of burger knives from WÜSTHOF, I posted a photo on Facebook, and one of the first comments was something about how people don't need knives for burgers ... how silly is that?

Well, I can kind of see the point, but then again, I have steak knives. And butter knives. And cheese spreading knives. And lots and lots and lots of kitchen knives.

I also have regular forks and salad forks and weird little seafood forks. My everyday flatware includes regular small spoons, tablespoons, and soup spoons.

Are burger knives necessary? Well, no, but neither are my salad forks but I use them a lot. Those weird little seafood forks, however, don't get used very often at all.

Burger knives might not be the best name for these knives because it doesn't really explain how versatile they are. The wide, flat, rounded blade is great for spreading mustard or mayo or other sauces. The serrated part of the knife was perfect for slicing a tomato. And then the knife also did a fine job slicing the burger neatly in half to make it a little easier to eat..

It's also great for stabbing into a burger from the top to make an interesting presentation.

So, yeah, the knives are good for burgers, but they'd be good for pretty much any sandwich assembly job. And probably other jobs as well. This time of year, there are a lot of tomatoes in my kitchen that need slicing.

Who's it for: People who make burgers and other sandwiches.

Pros: Nice multi-use knives. They look good stabbing a burger.

Cons: If you're counting down the top 3 knives everyone needs, these probably aren't on the list.

Wishes: Hmmm. They're knives. They cut. It's hard to come up with something I'd change.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review. The plate in the top photo was provided by Zak!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Better Bean

When the folks at Better Bean offered me samples of their "kid-friendly" bean products, I asked just how young the kid could be. While I don't have any younglings of my own, I do have a faux-grandchild right next door that I could borrow, and he's at the stage when he's starting to eat mushy solid foods.

The sample arrived, and snacking commenced. While the beans are kid-friendly, they aren't adult-hostile. They actually tasted pretty good. They were flavorful and even had a hint of heat. Not super-spicy that would make kids wince. But enough to introduce kids to the concept of peppers.

While I always enjoy sampling foods, the best part was watching the faux-grandchild's response to the new food.

More mama!

Mmmm! New flavor!

We didn't go through all of the flavors, but enough to get a good idea of what they were like. While they were all ready to eat as-is, many of them could work as part of a recipe. I thought one of the black bean items would have made a pretty good black bean soup, simply by mixing it into some stock.

And of course they could have worked as additions to tacos or burritos.

Mom friendly. Kid approved.

Who's it for: Pretty much anyone who likes beans.

Pros: Ready to eat as-is. Also could be used in recipes. Flavorful.

Cons: Perishable - needs to be refrigerated. So this isn't something you could stock up on for weeks and weeks in advance.

Wishes: Hmmm. I was pretty pleased with them as-is.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

Note: there's currently a popup on the website so you can get a coupon for a free container of beans. I have no idea how long it will be there, and it's not a promo from this blog. But, hey, it's free!